The US 2.4mR (two point four meter) Class Welcomes You


Whenever I push off the dock and head out for a sail in my 2.4mR I get the same feeling as when I go on vacation, this is good, why don't I do it more often? As the wind catches the sails and leans the boat slightly to leeward, I can feel the power load into the boat and the acceleration is pure pleasure. The sound of the waves being pushed by the bow is a reminder of how close to the water these "boatcarts" really are. This pleasurable experience is further enhanced when I look around and see a great group of friends in their own 2.4's heading out to share the same experience with me.

This is too easy! No crew to organize, I can put my boat in the water by myself, I need very little dock space. From taking the boat off the trailer to pushing off the dock, twenty minutes is not very much prep time for this much fun!

Single handed boats have generally been thought of as too physical, too small, and requiring a lot of scrambling under the boom. "Small boats are for the kids". "Small boats are too simple to sail." There are many reasons sailors shy away from small boats. However, in the 2.4mR class we have seen a pattern developing of this "shyness" turning into "attractiveness". Middle aged sailors, women sailors and disabled sailors are finding an easy entry into the fun, complicated, competitive small boat called a two point four meter.

In the 2.4mR there is a fiberglass seat which is about 2 inches off the floor. Seated over the keel, your legs lay slightly bent at the knee on either side of the mast. Your feet rest against steering pedals which are close to the forward bulkhead. In frontDave Humble's Custom Boat Trailer Design of you at chest level and within easy reach is a dashboard with all your line controls and cleats. There is no scrambling around the boat to make adjustments. No boom to crawl under (you are already under it!) No sides to switch when tacking, you are always seated in the middle! With the physical component of sailing diminished by this attractive layout, the cerebral fun of sailing and of racing is enhanced.

My boat is called "Admire The Dream". Others have called theirs "Blast" and "Magic Moments". The new boat, smell of fun found in the 2.4mR is being enjoyed by more and more well seasoned sailors looking to find a less physical way to enjoy the sport they love. Want to try it for yourself? Want to find pleasure in sailing a single man boat? Looking for a new easier, competitive, class of boats to race? By exploring our website, you will find great information about the 2.4mR Class. You will also find information on class members near you, 2.4 regatta's, class news and information about buying a new boat. Below you will find a link to get on our Yahoo groups site. At the very least, sign up on our group and start receiving the inside info about the 2.4mR. Then, once you are hooked, get a boat and come have some fun!

See you soon!

Roger Cleworth
Class President 2008-2010


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